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1983 el camino full restoration

lexus es350 door replacement/refinish side
lexus es350 replace door, and refinish side.1930s packard fuel pump repair (fabricated parts)
1930s packard fuel pump valve repair (fabricated parts)Fully custom built MGB-GT engine, turbocharged, alcohol injected, with Webber 32/36

Jaguar XKE v12 in for cooling system repairs
xke 12 cylinder cooling system repairJaguar xj8 replace door/refinish side
xj8 replace door and refinish sideRolls Royce repair quarter panel damage and rust
rolls royce repair quarter panel damage and repair cracks in paint and corrosion near windows Toyota supras in the shop for performance modificationstoyota supra high performance custom parts and body kits Rolls and Jaguar XKE in for servicerolls royce and jaguar e-type in for repairs Mark welding a 4" vband flange on a 62mm turbomark welding a 4 Mark fabricating a bumper reinforcement bar for a supra with a body kitmark fabricating a custom bumper for a supra with a body kit Mark MIG welding a 4" downpipe to existing exhaust on a supramark welding a 4

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